Burnt Toast on Davenport Street

Egan is one of the most interesting author-illustrators around, always trying something new and quirky. This time, the story is about a dog couple, Arthur and Stella Crandall. Arthur keeps burning the toast, so when an annoying fly tells Arthur he will grant him three wishes if he puts down the fly swatter, Arthur wishes for a new toaster for the nasty crocodiles on the corner to turn into squirrels, and for a trip to a tropical island where the natives sing and dance all day. Well, the fly doesn’t get it quite right…There’s nothing predictable here, either in the meticulously rendered watercolor art with its deco edge or in the hilarious story.

Sure to be popular with fans of James Marshall’s George and Martha books, This will be an amusing story-time crowd-pleaser.
School Library Journal, Starred Review

Home is where the burnt toast is in this original and zany offering.
Kirkus Reviews

-CBC/IRA Children’s Choice

-Children’s Book Council – Truly Hilarious Words and Pictures